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Facebook Advertising Objective: Lead Generation


One of the many benefits of advertising is gaining more reach and getting leads. If you want to run a lead generation campaign and collect customer information on Facebook, then you should create a lead ad. Not only can you compile the information you obtain from your lead ads into a spreadsheet that you can later upload to Custom Audience, but with lead ads, you can also know that those who responded to your ad are likely to convert. After all, the customer’s response to your lead ad shows their interest in your product or service. You can then use their information to remarket to them, something that is frequently done by any advertisement agency.

When creating a lead ad, your ad is eligible for the following CTA buttons:

  • Apply Now
  • Download
  • Get Quote
  • Learn More
  • Sign up
  • Subscribe

When creating an ad with a lead generation objective, Facebook advises you to review the questions you want to ask customers with your legal team, as well as to carefully study Facebook’s lead ad policies and terms of service.

Which platforms support the app installs objective?

You can serve all lead generation ads on Facebook’s mobile news feed and desktop news feed. As indicated by the image below, lead ads are not eligible for placement on the Audience Network and Instagram. When creating an ad in Ads Manager, you can choose where you want to serve your ads in the “Placements” section.


Which ad formats can I use with the app installs objective?


A lead generation ad is eligible for the video, carousel, photo, and slideshow format. You can choose your format in the “Format” section when creating the ad. Note that some objectives are not eligible for all formats. For instance, much like lead generation ads, the local awareness objective is ineligible for the canvas format.

Facebook ad specs

When creating a lead ad, follow Facebook’s ad specs.

Design Recommendations

Recommended image size: 1,200 x 628 pixels
Image ratio: 1.9:1
Text: 90 characters
Headline: 25 characters
News Feed description: 30 characters
Your image should include minimal text. See how the amount of text in your ad image will impact the reach of your ad.

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