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You Can Now Share Your Facebook Event on Stories. Here’s How

Anna Hubbel, writer at AdvertiseMint, Facebook ads company

Facebook has a new feature that allows you to share events to Stories. When you create an event page, you can promote it further by sharing it on Facebook Stories, where users can indicate if they’re interested in your event. This is exciting for any Facebook agency.

Here’s How

Step 1: Go to the Facebook event that you want to share to Stories. Select the three-dot menu near the top of the page where it says “More.”

Step 2: Select “Share.”

Step 3: Select “Share to Story.”

Now, when users see your Story, they can tap “Interested” within the Story to indicate whether they may attend the event. You will be able to see whether a user says they’re interested.

By Anna Hubbel, writer at AdvertiseMint, best Facebook advertising agency

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