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What Is the Difference Between Ads Manager and Power Editor?

Like most entrepreneurs new to Facebook advertising, you are probably puzzled over the difference between Business Manager, Power Editor, and Ads Manager. You’ve maybe heard this term mentioned by a FB ad agency, lectures, and webinars, yet, you don’t quite know their differences, locations, and significance.

Businesses use Business Manager to manage their fan and business page and ad accounts. If you want to create ad campaigns, go Business Manager. There, you can add agencies to help you manage your accounts, send invoices, and view conversions and ad performance. Simply put, Business Manager helps you manage ad campaigns.

In Business Manager, you can create ads using two tools: Ads Manager and Power Editor. Although both are similar, Power Editor offers more in depth features. You can think of Power Editor as an evolved version of Ads Manager with better and more complex capabilities. Marketers prefer using Power Editor because it offers more features. For example, while Ads Manager only has 10 objectives (or the marketing goal you choose when creating an ad), Power Editor has 14.

Be aware that Power Editor has a more complex layout than Ads Manager. Thus, if you are new to creating ads, it is best that you experiment using Ads Manager and leave Power Editor to the experts.

Follow the steps below to find Power Editor and Ads Manager in Business Manager.

Power Editor

Step 1: Go to Power Editor

Click the “Business Manager” tab and, from the drop down menu, click “Power Editor“.


Step 2: Edit from different levels

You can edit from the campaign, ads set, or ads level. Think of these levels as a matryoshka doll. Open the campaign level, and you will find ad sets within it. Open ad sets, and you will find ads within it. The farther you go into these levels, the more specific it gets.


Ads Manager

Step 1: Go to Ads Manager

Click the “Business Manager” tab, and from the drop down menu, click “Ads Manager“.


Step 2: Choose ad account to view

If you have multiple ad accounts, you can choose the one you want to view on the tab above that says “Account“. Click an account to view its ads.


Step 3: You’re Done!

Here, you can view your ad campaigns.


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