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What Is Facebook Advertising

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If you’ve been itching to start your own advertising campaign but do not possess any Facebook advertising knowledge, you have landed on the right page. Here, I’ll discuss questions that have likely been beating against your skull. As a top FB ads agency, you can trust this information.

How Did Facebook Advertising Start?

Although Facebook has existed since 2004, Facebook advertising did not boom until 2014. Before 2014, Facebook disapproved of advertising and kept its news feed exclusive to posts by friends and families. Unlike today, Facebook ads never appeared on users’ news feed. Instead, they remained on the right hand side of the page as sidebar ads. However, in 2013, Facebook began allowing ads to appear on users’ news feeds, commencing the rise of the social advertising industry. Unlike other social media sites, Facebook could target ads toward users who are likely to show interest based on Facebook’s years’ worth of data: liked and shared posts and Facebook friends.

What is a Facebook Ad?

Companies can use several types of ads provided by Facebook, from sponsored stories to canvas ads.

Sponsored Story

Sponsored stories are content created by the consumer’s interaction with a brand. Sponsored stories function similarly to organic stories: only the user’s Facebook friends can see the ad.

Companies can also adjust its target audience based on age, gender, and location. This helps the company reach the right audience.

Sponsored Ads

While sponsored stories are the voice of the consumers, ads are the voice of the company. Marketers create the ads, controlling its content and audience. Marketers can create standard ads (ads placed on the right hand side of your Facebook page) and  page post ads (promoted organic page posts).

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are regular posts that business owners pay to turn into an ad. It can be a simple post discussing the owner’s background and business history, etc.

Carousel Ads

Carousel ads allow advertisers to show 3-5 images, videos, or both in a single ad unit. Carousel ads allow advertisers to feature multiple products or one long image.


Canvas Ads

Canvas ads are full-screen, mobile-optimized ads that feature a combination of images, videos, texts, and links for an immersive user experience. Canvas ads are highly interactive. Users can pan in and out, play, pause, click, and swipe without leaving Facebook.

How Does Facebook Advertising Work?

Ads can appear on a user’s page through paid search or paid social. Paid search helps consumers find a company while paid social helps companies find consumers. This can be done through targeting: Facebook uses user data to match users with your products. Facebook directs ads that are only relevant to users based on their activity and interests: what the users like, view, etc.

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