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Facebook launches Click to Call ads

Facebook released a new “click to call” feature today that allows individuals to click an ad and make calls directly from their mobile phones. This feature comes at no surprise as Facebook continually looks for ways to capitalize on its growing mobile audience. This is going to be a total game-changer for all those who choose to advertise on Facebook.


Facebook offers two call-to-action buttons that allow your business to connect with a local audience and drive offline sales:

  • Call Now. When a person clicks on the “Call Now” button in your ad, their phone will automatically dial your business.
  • Get Directions. When a person clicks on the “Get Directions” button, they will be guided directly to your location right from their phone.

Local awareness ads can be created right from your Page. All you need to do is choose a call to action, set the area you want to reach and then select a budget.


Reporting is available which shows total audience reached, local impressions, total spend and how many individuals have clicked to call. All Facebook advertising companies know how integral this is to tailor your marketing.


This feature is now available to advertisers and local businesses.

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