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A Complete List of Facebook Marketing Partners, Advertising Agencies, Influencers, and Resources

Update: On December 4, 2021, Sidely was added to this list of marketing partners under the creative platform category. 

Not sure how to get the ball rolling with marketing and advertising? Despite all of the benefits of Facebook advertising, it can be hard for businesses to know where to start. After all, Facebook is growing and adapting at a rapid pace. Their partners are developing technology to help optimize and improve your Facebook ad campaigns. We wanted to simplify things and create a complete list of the top Facebook marketing agencies, Facebook advertising agencies, and resources to help you navigate the landscape.

Ad Technology

Community Management

Creative Platform

Small Business Solutions

Advanced Onboarding

Audience Data Providers


Offline Conversion Partner Integrations

Platform Partners


Audience Insights Partners

Books on Amazon


Learning Resources

Thought Leaders and Influencers

Creative Apps

Whether you’re an individual looking to boost your small business or a company seeking to refine your digital marketing strategy, these resources are an excellent way to get started. If you’re starting out completely fresh and need more guidance, there are plenty of resources to learn about Facebook ads for beginners as well. Most importantly, keep yourself in the loop with Facebook’s constant updates to its ad platform – the digital world moves quickly, so there are always new tools and tips to learn that can help boost your ad campaigns.

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