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How to Block Someone on Facebook?

Working at a Facebook ad agency, we’ve learned that a time will come when you will need to block someone from Facebook. This could include an old flame turned bitter enemy, a troll who leaves negative comments on your posts, or a person who you don’t want to see your profile anymore. Whatever the case, blocking a Facebook friend is fast and easy. And trust this Facebook advertising agency, it’s worth it.

Follow the steps below to block someone on Facebook.

Step 1: Go to your friends list

Access your friends list through your Facebook profile. Click “Friends“.

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Step 1: Choose from friend’s list

Choose the person you want to block.


Step 2: Block friend

To block your friend, click the ellipses button located next to the message button on your friend’s cover photo. Click “Block“.


Step 3: Confirm block

Click “Confirm“.


Step 4: Click “Okay”

Click “Okay” to continue.


Step 5: You’re Done!

The person you blocked will be listed under “Block users” on your Facebook settings. To unblock your friend, click unblock. Unfortunately, because blocking someone deletes them off of your friends list, you would need to resend them a friend request to restore them to your list after unblocking. For more information on blocking users, visit the Facebook Help Center.


What Exactly Happens After Blocking Someone?

After blocking someone, the consequences are pretty self-explanatory. It is the final step in removing yourself from whatever sort of relationship to another Facebook profile. They won’t be able to tag you in posts; they won’t even be able to search up your profile as long as they are logged into the account that you blocked.

However, you also won’t be able to tag them or see their posts. This could be a positive if you want absolutely nothing to do with them, but if you still want to be able to snoop or interact in the comments of someone else’s post, consider another option.

Communication via Facebook messenger will also be indefinitely halted. You can not search each other up, and therefore, neither of you can reach out to the other. This is an incredible feature to stop the ramifications of bullying. Out of sight, out of mind– right?

What are Other Options Besides for Blocking?

Does the above sound maybe just the teensiest bit too far? For example, there is definitely still someone in mind who is getting on your nerves or going too far. Or, maybe another example that resonates, is that you just want the effects of temporarily blocking someone, so you can post a picture that you specifically don’t want a certain someone to see? Consider using the hiding posts option then.

Or, if you are fine with occasional messaging or interaction on other posts, maybe it is time to say goodbye to a friendship silently and unfriend them altogether. This is another extremely common option that has less of a negative and extreme connotation as blocking someone.

What is the Hide Feature?

As mentioned earlier, you can go ahead and hide someone’s post and all future posts. For all intents and purposes, this means you do not have to see their content on your newsfeed, but that they can also still see yours. If you also want to be able to see their content when you have the mental capacity for it, you can still search them up on Facebook and view their content normally. Facebook will also take note of the kind of content that you chose to hide and try their best to avoid showing similar content on your newsfeed.

You can access the hide feature through the three ellipses in the corner of the post in question. There, you can choose whether you want the content indefinitely hidden or if you only want to hide their content for thirty days.

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